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Selected Statutes, Articles and Cases of interest to legal scholars and practitioners will be posted on this site, as they become available. In this database the Tanzania Land Act 1998, Uganda Land Act 1998 and Mozambique Land Act have been selected as examples of the Land Law Reform efforts under way in African. More information on the current state of Land Tenure Reform in Africa can be found on the World Bank site:; Research articles on land reform in Africa have been selected and posted on the site as well as a number of cases which would be of interest to researchers. The cases represent colonial mischaracterization of customary tenure which has been at the root of the confusion in analysing customary land tenure and law in Africa.





  • (a database that includes cases and statutes from South Africa and other SADC countries: Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania)
  • (a database of Kenya Law Reports and some cases from East Africa)
  • (a database that includes law reports of selected Commonwealth Countries, including Uganda.)